Downloadable Content

Download our spec sheet for GatorBar data and physical properties.

Gatorbar Spec Sheet

Learn about how using FRP rebar in slab on grade applications can be beneficial in this whitepaper by Steven E. Williams, PE. 

Slab on Grade Whitepaper

Review evaluation by Ian N. Robertson, PhD, P.E. regarding using GatorBar in reinforced concrete applications in Hawaii.

GatorBar Evaluation Report

Review capabilities of Neuvokas Engineers by reading through their proposed solutions to a customer's over budget situation. 

Subbase Improvements Paper

Review the design computations for a 1,500 gallon tank reinforced with #3 BFRP GatorBar.

Download Tank Design Using BFRP Reinforcement

Analyze design computations for a 5x5 vault reinforced with #3 BFRP GatorBar. 

Download Vault Design Using BFRP Reinforcement

View GatorBar case study flyer noting time savings due to using Gatorbar with KodiKlip. 

Gatorbar Case Study Flyer

In coastal regions, especially, the effects of corrosion are detrimental on infrastructure designed with steel. 

Combating Corrosion with Gatorbar

In this test performed at Michigan Technological University, two curb stops underwent stress until they could no longer bear the load. One was reinforced with #3 steel and the other with #3 GatorBar. Check out the results below. 

Gatorbar Vs. Steel Curb Stop Test