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Hannah Sales Company Signs on to Represent GatorBar!
AHMEEK, Michigan – Neuvokas Corp, a leading composite rebar manufacturer, is proud to announce it has engaged Hannah Sales Company, a manufacturer’s representative agency specializing in the construction supply, rental, industrial and safety markets, to represent GatorBar sales in the states of...
A customer recently used GatorBar™ to fulfill a building specification for a milking parlor on a dairy farm. The concrete reinforcement was to be non-conductive to help reduce stray voltage. This intrigued us, so we did a little digging... Stray current is a phenomenon that occurs on modern farms...
Costello Construction

Costello Construction

Kauai, HI

"It [GatorBar] is so easy to work with it feels like we are cheating! We have always used a #4 steel rebar grid in warehouse slabs to add structural integrity, but no matter how hard you try, 6x6x10/10 wire mesh always ends up on the bottom of the slab. There is never enough time to pull it up, and even if you Dobie it up, the steel bends down when you step on it. In the end, it does not add structural strength to the slab. GatorBar springs back, staying centered in the slab."