2021 World of Concrete

AHMEEK, Michigan – Neuvokas Corp, a leading composite rebar manufacturer, will not be attending this coming World of Concrete industry trade show rescheduled for June 2021 in Las Vegas, NV.    

Ken Keranen, Neuvokas COO said, “As much as we enjoy and benefit from participation in World of Concrete, we made the decision to not attend this coming year as the rescheduled event falls squarely in the middle of the construction industry’s peak work period.  As such, we feel we can better service customers by being fully available to respond to their order, fulfillment and technical needs during this critical time.  We look forward to returning to World of Concrete in 2022 during its regularly scheduled window.  In lieu of our normal World of Concrete special, our distributor/retailing partners will be afforded a pre-season 2021 special purchasing discount, the particulars of which will be announced shortly.”

  • GatorBar Glass is an industry changing, glass fiber reinforced composite rebar (GFRP), that is 100% made in the USA using 100% USA made materials.  GatorBar Glass offers:
  • The most economical composite rebar on the market that is priced substantially better than steel at comparable strength and performance.
  • 2x – 4x stronger in tensile strength than steel.
  • 7x lighter in weight than steel. 
  • Zero-rust even in high chloride concrete and highly corrosive applications.

About Neuvokas Corp: Neuvokas Corp is based in Ahmeek, MI Michigan and produces industry leading composite rebar products for the concrete space using its proprietary and patented, high-speed manufacturing processes.  Founded in 2013 by Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen from a simple observation:  advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow composite rebar to be produced competitively against its steel counterpart at higher levels of performance.  For further information about or how to purchase GatorBar, please contact Neuvokas Corp at info@neuvokascorp.com or 906.934.2661.

Costello Construction

Costello Construction

Kauai, HI

"It [GatorBar] is so easy to work with it feels like we are cheating! We have always used a #4 steel rebar grid in warehouse slabs to add structural integrity, but no matter how hard you try, 6x6x10/10 wire mesh always ends up on the bottom of the slab. There is never enough time to pull it up, and even if you Dobie it up, the steel bends down when you step on it. In the end, it does not add structural strength to the slab. GatorBar springs back, staying centered in the slab."