The City of Houston Approves Basalt FRP Rebar for use in Non-Structural Applications

Ahmeek, MI – June 07, 2017 – The City of Houston has approved the use of basalt fiber composite rebar in non-structural applications. The approval comes after working extensively with Neuvokas Corporation, analyzing data and test results of their BFRP product, GatorBar. This approval will present new opportunities for GatorBar in the Houston area.

“Having the City of Houston on board opens doors for us,” said Larry Goldberg, Regional Sales Director. “Their thorough examination and approval of BFRP rebar will give contractors peace of mind when trying GatorBar in their non-structural concrete projects.”

About The City of Houston: Houston is considered the Energy Capital of the World, with one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in North America. Houston is often an early adopter of new and innovative materials.

About Neuvokas Corporation: Founded in 2012, Neuvokas Corporation is an Ahmeek, MI based company that manufactures and distributes FRP rebar made from basalt fiber (BFRP). Distributed under the GatorBar™ brand, Neuvokas’ BFRP is stronger and seven times lighter than steel reinforcing bar, is non-corrosive and is priced at a competitive cost with its domestically produced steel rebar counterpart.

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Bill Heinonen

Ultra Concrete

"We laid it (the GatorBar) out the same as we would steel and then tied it in place once laid out. Tie wire guns worked perfectly. Usually the guys can't keep up to the crew grading, but with this they were standing around waiting for them. I’d say time savings amounted to 4 hours. Our crew really liked the fact that you can carry a large amount with ease.”