GatorBar: Beat the Rising Cost of Steel!

Neuvokas Corp, Ahmeek, Michigan – It comes as absolutely no surprise to anybody within the concrete reinforcement community to say that rising steel costs are creating turmoil…and a lot of it as of late.  Over the last two months, all of us have witnessed astronomical increases in the price of steel rebar…with no end in sight being discussed.  In fact, there is speculation that increases seen to date may in fact double again shortly.  Many are wondering how to stay right side up within a market that has turned upside down.  How can profitability, much less margins, be maintained?  How can secured projects be started when costs continue to climb?  How can future projects even be let with bidding confidence given the present cost environment?   

Contractors, distributors and wholesalers have a solution to these questions…GatorBar!  For those not having already adopted GatorBar as their go-to steel rebar alternative, GatorBar Glass is an industry changing, glass fiber reinforced composite rebar (GFRP), that is 100% made in the USA using 100% USA made materials.  GatorBar Glass offers:

  • The most economical composite rebar on the market.
  • Pricing better than steel not only on size but considerably better when strength and performance comparatives are taken into account.  
  • Increased price stability.  GatorBar does not fluctuate as frequently nor as rapidly as steel.  If anything, it continues to decrease over time.  
  • 2x – 4x stronger in tensile strength than steel.
  • 7x lighter in weight than steel. 
  • Zero-rust even in high chloride concrete and highly corrosive applications.

GatorBar was the first composite rebar to focus on flatwork, stem walls, foundations, poured walls and curb and gutter applications.  Until GatorBar’s introduction, manufacturers had not devised a way to be competitive to steel within this price conscious market segment.   After two years of development, GatorBar was introduced for sale in 2016 and immediately began changing the concrete reinforcement market.  Since its modest beginnings, over 60,000,000 feet of GatorBar has been installed without a single call back.  Providing further confidence to its customers and users, GatorBar has a nationwide network of approval and acceptance that is constantly growing.  


Understandably, times are currently uncertain, but the time for GatorBar is now!  To learn more about or how to purchase GatorBar, please contact Neuvokas Corp at or 906.934.2661.  


About Neuvokas Corp: Neuvokas Corp is based in Ahmeek, MI Michigan and produces industry leading composite rebar products for the concrete space using its proprietary and patented, high-speed manufacturing processes.  Founded in 2013 by Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen from a simple observation:  advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow composite rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart at higher levels of performance.  

Costello Construction

Costello Construction

Kauai, HI

"It [GatorBar] is so easy to work with it feels like we are cheating! We have always used a #4 steel rebar grid in warehouse slabs to add structural integrity, but no matter how hard you try, 6x6x10/10 wire mesh always ends up on the bottom of the slab. There is never enough time to pull it up, and even if you Dobie it up, the steel bends down when you step on it. In the end, it does not add structural strength to the slab. GatorBar springs back, staying centered in the slab."