GatorBar Glass – Lowest Cost and Best Performance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 17, 2020

GatorBar® Glass – Lowest Cost and Best Performance

AHMEEK, Michigan – Neuvokas Corp, a leading composite rebar manufacturer, introduces GatorBar Glass, its initial GFRP rebar product.  GatorBar Glass offers the lowest cost composite rebar with improved handling by virtually eliminating slivers.  It is 100% made in USA, meets all ASTM 7957 specifications, and provides a guaranteed tensile strength 4X greater than grade 40 steel rebar. 

GatorBar Basalt and Glass are preferred “Made in USA” composite rebar products that dramatically reduce material, labor, transport and handling costs, while providing better crack control compared to steel rebar.  GatorBar provides a low cost “zero-rust” rebar solution in normal, high chloride concrete and corrosive environment applications that is not possible with steel.  GatorBar is produced with an advanced, sliver reducing, polyester-free resin system.  Polyester resin, often used in other low-cost FRP rebar products, is specifically banned from use in composite rebar by the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).   

“Four years ago, Neuvokas introduced GatorBar Basalt…a product that turned the composite rebar industry on its head.  We are proud to introduce our next generation product, GatorBar Glass, its price point and improved handling address our customers concerns while expanding and improving our offering,” said Erik Kiilunen, CEO at Neuvokas Corp. 

Ken Keranen, Neuvokas COO, said “Over the past month, we have quietly introduced GatorBar Glass to many of our customers to rave review.  The fact that we again have best cost and now the highest performance characteristics in the composite rebar space is a home run for us.  We look forward to formally introducing GatorBar Glass to the industry at this year’s World of Concrete this coming February…please come see us and our new GatorBar Glass at booth N3223.”

About Neuvokas Corp:  Neuvokas Corp is based in Ahmeek, MI Michigan and produces industry leading composite rebar products for the concrete space using its proprietary and patented manufacturing process.  Founded in 2013 by Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen from a simple observation:  advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow composite rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart.

For further information about or how to purchase GatorBar, please contact Neuvokas Corp at or 906.934.2661.   

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Josh Kimbal

The bars work great!! Our prototype testing went good in the field. We are adjusting the designs and trying other applications.