GatorBar Health Benefits

GatorBar leads to: 

  1. Reduced cost of workers’ com because it is easier on worker's backs
  2. Happier, more productive employees 
  3. Better end-customer impression 

With GatorBar, you can look forward to less down-time, more productive up-time, and reduced workers comp. GatorBar #3 Composite Rebar is seven times lighter than #4 steel rebar, which makes for an easier install. Your crew can carry more rebar from truck to jobsite, resulting in faster installation time. 

Our lightweight design allows workers to carry 25-piece bundles and still stay below the 50 pound weight restriction. Employees installing GatorBar #3 are happier and more productive, which in turn leads to better end-customer impression on the project. 

GatorBar lightweight

“My guys have been working with steel for more than fifteen years and the acceptance of GatorBar started within minutes. They were already seeing forty percent labor savings on the first day. By the end of the week, they didn’t want to see steel on our flat work jobs again," says Rob Swanson, ICS Inc.


Matt Downey

Downey Concrete

I used GatorBar for four pours this summer.  I love the way it handles, the concrete just flows around it and it doesn’t bend and get left in the bottom of the slab it stays where you put it.  Also my back enjoyed the break!   I look forward to using it again.