GatorBar Receives Washington County, MD Product Approval!

AHMEEK, Michigan – Neuvokas Corp, the leading composite rebar manufacturer, is excited to announce that it has received approval from Washington County, MD Department of Transportation as an approved product.     

Matt Kero, Neuvokas Vice President of Engineering said, “We are very pleased to receive this certification from Washington County, MD.  The State of Maryland and Washington County maintain a diligent process of material, performance and property testing that ensures code enforcement, engineering staff and project owners receive a product meeting the highest industry standards.”   

Richard Eichelberger, Director of Permits and Inspections/Code Official and Frank Quillen, Senior Plans Examiner/Deputy Code Official concluded the following review of GatorBar Fiberglass Rebar:

“I have reviewed the literature submitted by PG Tool Sales Agency for approval of the above reference Neuvokas Corporation product. The ICC-ES Evaluation Report #ESR-4526 states that the Gatorbar product ‘must be designed in accordance with Neuvokas Corporation’s Design Manual Document Number D-IM-Gatorbar dated March 12, 2021, Chapter 19 of the IBC (ACI 318-19 for 2021 IBC and ACI 318-14 for the 2018 IBC), and ACI 440.1R-15, as applicable.’ The registered design professional must be responsible for determining, through analysis, the strengths and demands of the structural elements, subject to the approval of the building official.  Accordingly, in my opinion, the Gatorbar Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars may be used where an engineering design is submitted, and also where approved by the building official.”

GatorBar Glass is an industry changing, glass fiber reinforced composite rebar (GFRP), that is 100% made in the USA using 100% USA made materials.  GatorBar Glass offers: 

  • The most economical composite rebar on the market.
  • Pricing substantially better than steel with increased strength and performance.
  • 2x – 4x stronger in tensile strength than steel.
  • 4x - 7x lighter in weight than steel. 
  • Zero-rust.

About Neuvokas Corp: Neuvokas Corp is based in Ahmeek, MI and produces industry leading composite rebar products for the concrete space using its proprietary and patented, high-speed manufacturing processes.  Founded in 2013 by Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen from a simple observation:  advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow composite rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart at higher levels of performance.  For further information about or how to purchase GatorBar, please contact Neuvokas Corp at or 906.934.2661.  In Maryland, please contact PG Tool Agency at 856.848.2288.

Matt Downey

Downey Concrete

I used GatorBar for four pours this summer.  I love the way it handles, the concrete just flows around it and it doesn’t bend and get left in the bottom of the slab it stays where you put it.  Also my back enjoyed the break!   I look forward to using it again.