Invited to Capitol Hill

Ahmeek, MI – February 9, 2016 - On February first, Matt Kero, Neuvokas’ VP of Engineering traveled to Washington DC as one of only 10 companies selected Nationally by the ASBDC to participate in a reception on Capitol Hill. Senators, members of the House of Representatives, staffers, and SBDC employees from around the nation were invited to connect and share success stories.

“This was a great opportunity for us” said Mr. Kero. “Its nice to be able to directly share our rebar solution with some of the folks making the infrastructure decisions in this country.” Arcadio Ramirez, Neuvokas’ MISBDC consultant said he was encouraged by the interest show by Michigan’s Senator Debbie Stabenow. “I think Senator Stabenow realized the transformative nature of the technology - how it can positively impact our country’s infrastructure, repatriate the rebar industry from China and bring many jobs to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula."

Founded in 2012, Neuvokas Corporation is an Ahmeek, MI based company that manufactures and distributes FRP rebar made from basalt fiber (BFRP). Distributed under the GatorBar™ brand Neuvokas’ BFRP is seven times lighter than steel, is non-corrosive and sells for the same price as its steel counterpart.

Matt Downey

Downey Concrete

I used GatorBar for four pours this summer.  I love the way it handles, the concrete just flows around it and it doesn’t bend and get left in the bottom of the slab it stays where you put it.  Also my back enjoyed the break!   I look forward to using it again.