MDOT to Use GatorBar for the First Time in Upcoming Project

The following excerpt was taken from the Hancock City Council Meeting, as written by Mitch Lake of 920AM WMPL Radio. October 21st, 2015:

"Remember the fun you had driving through Houghton a few years ago during the reconstruction of Shelden Avenue? Well, you can relive those memories next year in Hancock when MDOT tears up Quincy Street/US41. Hancock City Manager Glenn Anderson outlined to the council last night the scope of the project which will have a pricetag of 7.2 million dollars. It will be bid on February 12. Some of the highlights of the project will be reconstruction beginning on Front Street all the way down Quincy to Krist Oil Company. Since traffic will be routed along Hancock Street, it will involve the first ever traffic light in the city. It will be temporary and will be at M203 and Quincy Street. The project will be done in four segments with each one taking six weeks to complete. All of the light posts on Quincy will be replaced and LED lighting will be installed. Coal bins along the street will be filled in and new utility conduits will be installed for telephone and electric. Plus water system upgrades. Two unique aspects will be the use of a new type of rebar called GatorBar. It is a much lighter and noncorrosive rebar that is manufactured in Ahmeek. MDOT says this is the first project in Michigan to use GatorBar. Also Anderson said that granite will be used in the 100 block for the transition area from the curb to the main sidewalk..."

The project is taking place in Hancock, Michigan, just 15 miles south of the Neuvokas Headquarters. Construction will begin in early 2016. 


Matt Downey

Downey Concrete

I used GatorBar for four pours this summer.  I love the way it handles, the concrete just flows around it and it doesn’t bend and get left in the bottom of the slab it stays where you put it.  Also my back enjoyed the break!   I look forward to using it again.