Neuvokas is Awarded Contract with Purchasing Cooperative of America

Ahmeek, MI – November 10, 2016 – Neuvokas Corporation was recently awarded a contract through the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA). This contract is another layer of validation and, in addition, will make working with governmental agencies much easier by streamlining the solicitation process. Becoming a member is free and easy for government entities. 

“I’m excited to begin leveraging this opportunity in the Houston area and Texas Region as a way to bring governmental agencies on board,” said Larry Goldberg, Regional Sales Director. “It gives us another layer of credibility and makes the transaction a little smoother.” 

About PCA: PCA is a Texas based, nationwide purchasing cooperative. PCA membership is free and eliminates the need for PCA vendors to respond individually to solicitations from different governmental agencies. PCA members can make purchases through PCA contracts easily, resting assured that the transaction is in accordance with federal and state law.

About Neuvokas Corporation: Founded in 2012, Neuvokas Corporation is an Ahmeek, MI based company that manufactures and distributes FRP rebar made from basalt fiber (BFRP). Distributed under the GatorBar™ brand Neuvokas’ BFRP is stronger and seven times lighter than steel reinforcing bar, is non-corrosive and sells for the same price as its domestically produced steel rebar counterpart.

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Gatorbar & DPR Construction

Brandon Liming

General Superintendent, DPR Construction

“With #3 GatorBar we were able to make guide pins to help us place our forms more accurately, while eliminating the concern about corrosion.  The pins will be close to the outside of the wall, and in a corrosive marine environment, like Galveston, it’s nice to have this option.”