Neuvokas Donation Supports Educational Program

Neuvokas Corporation was pleased to contribute to the CIM (Concrete Industry Management) Silent Auction at the 2017 WOC show in Las Vegas this past January. Neuvokas donated 10,000 linear feet of GatorBar to the auction to help raise money for the CIM Program. Adam Anvarinia of Premier Homes & Builders was the winning bidder. Adam specializes in residential home building and plans to use his GatorBar in a driveway project this coming spring.

“It’s an interesting product. I’m looking forward to trying GatorBar in a pour once everything thaws in the spring,” said Anvarinia. “If it goes well, we will definitely start incorporating it into more projects.”

About the CIM - The CIM program was established in 1996 at Middle Tennessee State University and focuses on producing graduates specializing in the concrete industry with a foundation in business management. Since its establishment, CIM has expanded to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, California State University – Chico, and Texas State University. The program includes concrete-specific courses covering the fundamentals of concrete, concrete construction, properties and testing, and the like. These hands-on, problem-solving classes prepare graduates to excel as professionals in the concrete industry. The World of Concrete, and participating businesses like Neuvokas, recognizes the value of the program in the industry and shows support by donating the proceeds of the auction to CIM each year. To date, more than 6 million dollars have been distributed to participating universities to help develop this program.

About Neuvokas Corporation – Neuvokas Corporation is an Ahmeek, MI based company, founded in 2013, that manufactures and distributes basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) rebar. Distributed under the GatorBar brand, Neuvokas’ BFRP is stronger, lighter than steel, is non-corrosive and is price equivalent to its’ domestically produced steel counterpart.

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Josh Kimbal

The bars work great!! Our prototype testing went good in the field. We are adjusting the designs and trying other applications.