Neuvokas Makes Large Donation to Houghton Skatepark Project

August, 2 2016- Ahmeek, MI- The Houghton Skatepark Project has received a large donation from the Neuvokas Corporation out of Ahmeek, MI. Neuvokas has agreed to a monetary donation of $1,000 as well as a discount on rebar at an estimated value of $5,500. The rebar will play a critical role during the construction phase of the project. Read the full article here.

Randy Oja

MJO Contracting

I wanted to drop a line and comment on your GatorBar product. This is the second project we’ve used it on and the first one that we used a power rake with. We placed the bar 18” OCBW and chaired it to 2 1/2” for a 5” slab. The GatorBar worked well, in particular we noticed how it rebounded back to the center of the slab after we drove over it, with steel rebar the rebar would often end up bent and left at the bottom of the slab, where it does nothing for crack control. Also, the labor savings on rebar placement was significant and I know the crew appreciated not having to wrestle with the heavy steel. We look forward to using it again on future projects.