Neuvokas Team works to expand manufacturing capabilities

The bench work is complete and the initial lab results are in!  The team at Neuvokas has made their first effort to expand their manufacturing platform.  The first attempt to make a two-dimensional profile, other than round has proven successful.  The guys had a little spare time (between 3 am and 5 am) and thought they’d give it a try.  This bodes well for the future of the Neuvokas high speed composite manufacturing platform technology! 

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Gatorbar & DPR Construction

Brandon Liming

General Superintendent, DPR Construction

“With #3 GatorBar we were able to make guide pins to help us place our forms more accurately, while eliminating the concern about corrosion.  The pins will be close to the outside of the wall, and in a corrosive marine environment, like Galveston, it’s nice to have this option.”