My top priority for July is definitely making fresh lines on the new pavement outside of Neuvokas with my long board. After hours, of course. Or maybe it'll be my daily lunch break ritual. We'll have to see; I'll keep you posted.

In August of 2015, MDOT awarded a grant to support Neuvokas Corporation in the creation of new jobs in Keweenaw County. The Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) Category A grant of $137,000 was awarded to turn Number 6 Road in Ahmeek into an all season road. TEDF helps fund road projects around Michigan that stimulate economic growth. The Keweenaw County Road Commission will also be making shoulder and drainage improvements to the road, and these developments will allow Neuvokas to ship product via truck year round out of Keweenaw County.

As promised, a year later, Number 6 Road is repaved and the other renovations are soon to come!

New road outside of Neuvokas

Fresh pavement outside of the Neuvokas Corporation building. It's not GatorBar reinforced concrete, but we'll take it! Favorite comment by one of the MDOT workers on the job: "Why the heck does this road get to be the best road in Keweenaw County?!"

A big THANK YOU goes out to the Michigan Department of Transportation and the State of Michigan for all of the help on this development!

“We really appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten from MDOT and the State on this project,” said Neuvokas CEO Erik Kiilunen. “This road will make shipping GatorBar out of the far reaches of the Keweenaw Peninsula possible year round, as we expand in the coming years.”

Most of us at Neuvokas are Keweenaw Peninsula natives, and take pride in this beautiful place we call home.

“It’s been great to be able to stay close to home, but still have a challenging career that pushes me every day,” said Ken Keranen, COO and co-founder of Neuvokas.  “We’re looking forward to giving other local talent the same opportunity as we continue to grow and operate out of Ahmeek.”

These road improvements are following major renovations to the Neuvokas Corporation building itself. It was built around 1900 and for years the shop housed Rensen Products before eventually being abandoned. The building got a much needed face lift during the summer of 2014 when Neuvokas Corporation took over to expand its operations. Many local K County teens got the chance to make some money that summer helping out with the remodel. The local community was happy to have Ahmeek's biggest eye sore cleaned up after years of neglect.

Neuvokas building before and after

The Neuvokas Corporation building before and after 2014 renovations.

Keweenaw County may be small, but with some help, there’s still been enough room for big dreams. While Ahmeek isn’t where the dream ends for Neuvokas, it’ll always be the place we started, and most of all, home.

We are excited to see where this new road will take Neuvokas. Hopefully a little further than US41.

Jason Etnyre

City of Indianola, IA

So far my guys have loved using your product.  We have only done a handful of outdoor pours this spring due to weather conditions but we did a decent sized drain pour inside our fire station this winter and GatorBar worked effortlessly and easily. We are proud to say we are glad to be one of your customers and will contact you in the future when we need more.