Spark Plug awards for community achievers

"CALUMET - Mark Wilcox talked about a snowblower's spark plug, the least expensive part of an engine.

"It's a tiny thing," he said, "But that tiny thing makes the whole (machine work)."

Wilcox gave the opening remarks at the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce's annual Keweenaw Community Spark Plug Awards Dinner for 2015."

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Bill Heinonen

Ultra Concrete

"We laid it (the GatorBar) out the same as we would steel and then tied it in place once laid out. Tie wire guns worked perfectly. Usually the guys can't keep up to the crew grading, but with this they were standing around waiting for them. I’d say time savings amounted to 4 hours. Our crew really liked the fact that you can carry a large amount with ease.”