Why GatorBar® and Why Now...Price, Performance & Availability!

Ahmeek, Michigan – Neuvokas Corporation, the manufacturer of GatorBar®, has been transforming industry perceptions and demand for composite rebar utilization for over seven years.  GatorBar® is driving use within market segments where steel rebar previously had been the only considered reinforcement product.  Many within the industry thought composite rebar would never face widespread adoption, yet GatorBar® has done so while becoming the first manufacturer to obtain ICC-ESR certification.  Further, continued increases in steel pricing have awakened many to the benefits of a lower cost, higher performing, easier handling alternative to steel rebar…GatorBar®.  

“2021 is off to a phenomenal start,” said Ken Keranen, Neuvokas COO.  “We’re seeing increased adoption after seven years of price reduction, education and sales efforts.  Additionally, we have expanded GatorBar’s® distribution footprint into new regions of the country with increased sales representation.  Plus, increasing steel price and instability continue to further GatorBar® awareness and viability consideration.  And most recently, we’re learning of increased market concern as decreased epoxy availability, and increased pricing, is driving up competitor pricing and lead times”, furthered Keranen.  “GatorBar® has found footing and is changing the marketplace as a result of a) its non-epoxy based proprietary resin system, and b) wholly revolutionary high-speed manufacturing processes.  Basically, we are able to make great bar in large quantities at very high speeds.  This allows GatorBar to quickly respond to significant increases in demand, and because our resin is non-epoxy based, do so without having to impact our customers by increasing epoxy costs.”, added Keranen.       

GatorBar® is an industry changing, glass fiber reinforced composite rebar (GFRP), that is 100% made in the USA using 100% USA made materials.  GatorBar® offers:

  • Pricing better than steel not only on size but considerably better when strength and performance comparatives are taken into account.  
  • The most economical composite rebar on the market.
  • Increased price stability.  GatorBar® does not fluctuate as frequently nor as rapidly as steel…its price has decreased over time.  
  • Up to 4x stronger in tensile strength than steel.
  • 7x lighter in weight than steel. 
  • Zero-rust even in high chloride concrete and highly corrosive applications.

GatorBar® was the first composite rebar to focus on the cost competitive applications of flatwork, stem walls, foundations, poured walls and curb and gutter.  Since its modest beginnings, over 60,000,000 feet of GatorBar® has been installed.  Providing further confidence to customers, end-users, code officials and engineers, GatorBar® is ICC certified and has a nationwide network of approval and acceptance that is constantly growing.  To learn more about or how to purchase GatorBar®, please contact Neuvokas Corp at info@gatorbar.com or 906.934.2661.  

About Neuvokas Corp: Neuvokas Corp is based in Ahmeek, MI Michigan and produces industry leading composite rebar products for the concrete space using its proprietary and patented, high-speed manufacturing processes.  Founded in 2013 by Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen from a simple observation:  advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow composite rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart at higher levels of performance.  

Josh Kimbal


The bars work great!! Our prototype testing went good in the field. We are adjusting the designs and trying other applications.