David M. Somero

David M. Somero
President, S&S Concrete Floors Inc. New Ipswich, NH

Mr. Somero has been involved in the concrete construction industry for 30 years as a contractor and during this time has been active in equipment development and manufacturing as well.  He is currently managing S&S Concrete and Ace Avant Concrete Construction.  In addition he is actively involved with 4 product development companies creating new innovative products and methods for the construction and agricultural industries.

For 30 years Mr. Somero has been involved in concrete industry, beginning with placing concrete as a general laborer and aiding his family in the development of a break-through technology for the concrete industry, the Laser Screed, and is now managing significant contracting operations.  His intimate knowledge of the industry through his work combined with a lifetime of contacts developed though active involvement in the supporting associations provide him with a strong sense of the “possible”.

In addition to his duties as President of S&S Concrete Floors, Inc., a New England based concrete contractor, Mr. Somero, serves on the board and assists the management of Ace Avant Concrete Construction of Archdale, NC.  Additional board duties include Neuvokas Corporation, a startup focused on high speed processing of fiber reinforced polymer rebar and the American Society of Concrete Contractors.  Other affiliations include the Somero Matson Group that developed and markets a concrete joint stabilizer, ALCO Diamond, LLC a start-up that is developing a diamond based Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite concrete cutting blade and Davis Village Solutions, a manufacturer of agriculture, maintenance and construction equipment.

Through active participation in American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, the Tilt-up Construction Association and the American Concrete Pumping Association, Mr. Somero keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry and its people.

Mr. Somero graduated from Mascenic Regional High School 1988.  He has continued his education though attending skill specific (management, technical and safety) training seminars through the years. 

Mr. Somero resides in new Ipswich, NH with his wife and five children.