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FRP Rebar, the Skinny…

So, what is fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar? Also known as composite rebar, it is a composite material comprised of (i) a fiber (glass, basalt, aramid, carbon) that provides strength and stiffness and (ii) a matrix (epoxy, vinyl ester, polyurethane, or others) that protects and transfers load between the fibers. Each combination of these materials creates different physical characteristics. 

Why would anyone use this new stuff instead of good old steel? First, it’s not so new. In fact, FRP rebar is over 30 years old! It’s been around long enough for construction codes in the US and Canada to cover them. 

Also, FRP rebar has a number of significant advantages over steel including:

  • Low Cost – Lower material cost lowers total project cost
  • High strength - #3 GatorBar Glass replaces #4 black rebar and is 2x stronger
  • Lightweight - Less weight allows labor and freight savings
  • Rust-free - GatorBar Glass is perfect for regular, high chloride or corrosive applications
  • Reduced injury - Workers will carry and place 7x less weight per job
  • Non-metallic - Electrically and thermally non-conductive

Why GatorBar Rebar? 

Neuvokas uses a combination of materials, all made in the USA, that offers a high performing AND low-cost end product. 

The Neuvokas process allows us to manufacture GatorBar at rates of speed that reset the table.  GatorBar can compete with steel on price and performance, opening the door to a larger variety of applications.  

GatorBar can be produced with any fiber material, including glass fiber (GFRP), basalt (BFRP), and carbon (CFRP). Each of these has somewhat different performance characteristics and cost. GatorBar started in 2014 as a Basalt fiber product and that has transitioned to Glass fiber in 2020.  While Basalt has the potential to offer attractive material properties, Neuvokas was able to achieve even better properties with its Glass fiber product.  

What’s critical is that GatorBar performs better than steel rebar at approximately the same cost.  A more detailed comparison can be found below or by giving us a call.

  Neuvokas FRP Pultruded FRP Steel Coated Steel Stainless Steel
2x Structural Life X X     X
Light Weight X X      
High Strength X X X X X
Non-Corrosive X X      
Low Cost X   X    


sei run 224 transverse 75x

The patented Neuvokas manufacturing process has created new opportunities for FRP rebar in today’s concrete markets.  Regardless of fiber used, GatorBar offers the best combination of performance and cost. 


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