Product Videos

GatorBar by Neuvokas is price comparable to steel, improving concrete without adding cost. GatorBar is a basalt fiber reinforced polymer rebar.
Welded wire mesh is often used in concrete flatwork for temperature and shrinkage control. Unfortunately, it often settles to the bottom of the slab by the time the project is complete where it is useless. GatorBar can fix this problem by simply remaining where it was placed in the concrete.
Michigan Tech alumni re-purpose an old mining building and start Neuvokas corporation in the historic Copper Country. Video by Michigan Tech University.
Neuvokas Corporation was honored as one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch in 2016 by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. MCSB put together this video featuring many of the great small businesses across Michigan, Including Neuvokas!
2 1/4" thick reinforced with 3 each #3 GatorBar. Notice how concrete recovers when the reinforcement has elastic deformation rather than plastic deformation typical to steel reinforcement.
GatorBar can often replace #4 steel rebar in slab on grade applications due to its high strength. This grid would weigh over 500lbs if it were steel!
Comparing FRP and steel on a stress strain curve. What does the elastic deformation of FRP reinforced concrete look like in real life?
Not only does GatorBar save you time due to its lightweightness, setting up GatorBar grids is quick and easy with a KodiKlip gun.